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WINONA (Pre-Production)

WINONA is a project specifically concerned with concepts of property and ownership in a borderless, digital world—including the ownership of one’s own story. How can the documentarian contextualize subjects who spend every waking hour self-documenting on social media? At what point does the filmmaking process become a kind of theft in and of itself?

What will result is a dizzying portrait of a controversial online community and the oppressive world IRL that created it.

This project is currently in development with Chris Osborn and initial production will begin in late 2018.

WINONA is a fizzy non-fiction/narrative-hybrid short film about teenage shoplifters and the online community they've forged around theft. Through anonymous blogs on Tumblr, they share tips, tout their “hauls” and boast how much money they’ve “saved” by stealing. They’ve also carved out a distinct anti-capitalist philosophy surrounding their lifts, one that intersects with antiracism, feminism, and anti-corporatism.

This film will seamlessly blend documentary and fictional elements to emphasize the performative nature of these lifts. There is a tension between what is “real” and what is “roleplaying” that plays out on the blogs, and this will similarly inform our approach.