Samsung Mobile

As the lead Content and Community Strategist for Samsung Mobile, it was my task to develop, manage and provide strategic insights for all content published across eight different social channels to 50+ million fans. I participated in and routinely led cross-disciplinary brainstorms to develop everything from daily content to larger integrated campaigns and video content. Additionally, I assembled and managed the account's content and community team during global event activations that took the team from NYC to Berlin, Seoul to Barcelona. Overall, my hard work and dedication on this account grew my discipline by 300% across two global offices.

 Here are a few key highlights from my Samsung Mobile work:

  • Grew Samsung Mobile's Instagram from approximately 26k to 1 million followers in 14 months (as of August 2015). Named top tech Instagram account by Esquire.
  • Launched Samsung Mobile's Tumblr and grew its following to 29,000 (August 2015). Consistently featured by Tumblr's brand team as best-in-class example.
  • Worked on "It Doesn't Take a Genius" campaign in Fall 2014, which went on to win Best in Consumer Electronics and a Gold in Real-Time Response from Shorty Awards.

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