Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

Beyond Mountains (pre-production)

Part atmospheric thriller, part searing docu-fiction, BEYOND MOUNTAINS is a sprawling, nightmarish dive into the forgotten corners of rural America, one that reminds us of the risks — and rewards — of being an outsider.

This project is in development in collaboration with Chris Osborn and we're currently seeking funding to begin production in early 2019.





Following a traumatic year in New York City, two goth girls, Kat and Patricia, retreat to a communal farm upstate to recenter themselves and seek new purpose in their lives. Their fruitless search for a higher power draws them into the web of a mysterious noise musician, who may or may not be a witch.

As they become implicated in a series of bizarre, supernatural acts of violence around town, tensions rise within the local community, and the girls expose even darker, deliberately hidden forces that threaten to tear them apart.