Meet Bre

For the past 7 years, I’ve grown my two careers simultaneously—one half of me in film, the other in social media where I’ve worked with clients like Samsung, Facebook, CNN, A24, and more. In fact, I produced my first two short films while working 40+ hours per week at various ad agencies. I also won awards for both the social media and film projects I developed during that time: a Shorty Award for the former and the Audience Award at Indie Memphis for the latter.

Since then, I’ve made the move to freelance as a part-time social media and content strategist to allow for greater flexibility when it comes to my film career. I work when I need to, create when I have to, and never sacrifice one half of myself for the other.  

Beyond my projects, I consider myself a cultural encyclopedia of sorts. If it's trending — or starting to trend — on the Internet, I probably know about it and can give you the entire backstory on its rise to the top. I can also tell you when the fad is officially over based on my experience and insight across multiple social networks. This gives me a unique perspective into communities around the world and helps me execute my projects in a more informed, culturally relevant manner. (I also can probably tell you all about the latest films, music and restaurants you definitely need try.)

Looking to chat? Send me a quick message here or here.

Photo by Kenneth Muñoz.
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